My Hijab, My Story

It is Who I Am

It is Who I Am

The nightmares were so real. In them, I am walking around in broad daylight amongst the general public, when suddenly I realize something is wrong. I run around, hiding behind big structures, thinking everyone is going to see me. I make it to a deserted alleyway, and then run through the woods cautiously. I take cover behind the trees, my eyes darting about madly, trying to make sure there is no human life in the vicinity, only moving when I feel it is safe. Finally, I reach the precipice of the field and know it’s a few blocks until I can feel safe because the area is open, and there is nothing to hide behind. I’ll have to run as fast as I can and pray that no one sees me. So, I put my hands over my head, trying desperately to cover my exposed hair, close my eyes, and race blindly through the streets to the house I know so well. And then I wake up, feeling exposed, never knowing who may or may not have seen me without my hijab.

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