17: A Positive Light


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This Ramadan…

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This Ramadan… I will be positive.

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In a hadith qudsi, the Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wasallam said,

Allah says: “I am as My slave thinks I am; and I am with him when he calls upon Me.”

[Bukhari & Muslim]

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This Ramadan, one thing will change everything. I am going to completely change my mindset and actually think positively. Negative thoughts eat away at the joy once they are inside you. They weigh heavy on our minds and do no good. So this Ramadan, I’m going to change this one small thing about myself but allow it to change everything else in my life, bi’ithnAllah.

I want to be positive with the people around me. This Ramadan, I will ask Allah to forgive me and make me forgiving towards others. In a month when I am desperately seeking forgiveness, how can I be stingy in forgiving others?

On top of that, I am going to look at the good within people instead of looking for faults; and if I see a fault, I am going to make excuses for them. Umar radiya Allahu ‘anhu said, “Don’t think ill of a statement which comes from another Muslim if you can find a good interpretation for it.” Whether their words or their actions, I’ll look for that good interpretation when it comes to the people around me.

More importantly, I want to be positive in my thoughts of Allah. I will have yaqeen (certainty) that when I make du’aa, my du’aa will be answered… If not now, then later, I just have to keep asking. If not in the way I want it, then in a way that’s better, or in a way that pushes away evil from me. If not in this world, then because Allah is saving a greater reward for me in the Hereafter.

Whatever Allah decrees, and whenever He decrees it, I will know it’s for the best, even if I don’t see the wisdom right away.

I want to be positive with my situation and my circumstances. I am going to trust in Allah’s plan and know that whatever happened or is happening, or will happen, is for the best. I am going to direct myself to look on the bright side of every situation and not think or say negative things…

This Ramadan, I will know that Allah is with me… and this is the thought which will drive me in all endeavors of becoming a positive, optimistic, seeing-the-good-in-people-Muslim.

When Prophet Musa and those with him were chased by the Pharoah, the Children of Israel were sure they were going to be destroyed. But Musa alayhi assalam was positive, because he had trust in Allah:

Thus [We turned Pharaoh’s people out] and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit them. * So they pursued them at sunrise. * And when the two companies saw one another, the companions of Musa said, “Indeed, we are sure to be overtaken!” [Musa] said, “No! Indeed, with me is my Lord; He will guide me.” [26:59-62]

Everything is a choice… and this Ramadan, I choose happiness. I will be positive despite the situation… after all, Allah is with me.

— TheSisterWhoSmiles

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