Identity Crisis? I Think Not


Guest writer Shareefa explores our definitions of identity and self assurance.

So, being a part of this confused, easily-influenced, westernised generation, many of us youth have one thing in common – an identity crisis. We search for things that can define us, be it a sport we play, the people we look up to, or the friends we hang out with.

With the culture and traditions of the generations before us on one side, and the modern, into-the-latest-everything generation on the other – where do we fit in?

Alhamdulillah, with regards to myself (and inshaAllah, many Muslimahs out there) I need not look far. The answer is right in front of us waiting to be discovered. What better way to define ourselves but as Muslimahs? Once that definition reaches the top of our ‘what defines me’ lists, only then can we realise how unimportant the others are in comparison.

Onto the next question: What defines me as a Muslimah?
The answer is simple: My hijab – both the external as well as the internal (which in my opinion, is the more difficult of the two and which requites a lot of work).

This brings back a memory during my early hijab days, when I had only been wearing it for a couple of weeks. I was at the airport, waiting for my flight along with a friend – both of us donning our hijabs alhumdulillah. Being in a non-Muslim country, it isn’t all that easy to spot or recognise a fellow Muslim. With that being said, while we were relaxing at our seats, a man walked up to us and asked a single question, “Where is the prayer room?”

One simple question, yet the effect it had on me was astounding. He had specifically asked us. He recognized us as Muslimahs because of our hijabs subhanAllah.

My hijab defines me.