Wearing Hijab – Difficult?


Guest writer Eliesa debates whether wearing hijab is difficult or easy from different angles.

Image courtesy of phelle

You may believe that using a long piece of material to cover the hair and bosom is relatively easy from the outset. How much more different can it be really, than wearing any other piece of cloth? But the reality is that it is indeed an amazingly difficult thing to do in some cases. There are numerous reasons for this apparent difficulty, but the main reason is usually in the mind of the wearer –a type of paranoia really.

Why should others’ opinions matter regarding what you wear? Each one of us is an individual, with a unique mind and personality. Then why is it that we let the thoughts and opinions of others get to us so much? We shouldn’t think about what people think, but rather focus on what Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala thinks and what pleases Him alone, and voila! the task becomes easy. It really does. If you totally and entirely block out people’s opinions and do not let them effect you, it surely will be so much easier.

My own struggle with hijab wasn’t because of what other people thought. I didn’t care. I personally don’t tend to follow any trends or the current fashion and I try not to let such things cloud my judgments. I am my own individual and have a right to express what I think, thus I should do so in the best way possible. Alhamdulilah if I am in a crowd of people and am considered the ‘odd’ one out, I do not consider this to be of any importance; these opinions are just that: opinions. Why should I let it affect me as an individual and my beliefs?

My motto for anybody in this situation is: Just do not care about what ‘people’ think. On the Day of Judgement, in front of Allah, that feeble excuse will hold no value and it will not help you in any way. We shouldn’t be so influenced by these types of people, who in fact, will be dragging us down with them to destruction, may Allah save us from this.

My personal struggle wasn’t related to the opinions of people, but with my own father. The very place I should have received praise and encouragement is where I got the exact opposite. I was ridiculed, threatened, demeaned, ignored, verbally abused, bad-mouthed, belittled, and cursed even! It was one of the toughest things I had to go through, especially since I was actually standing up for the right thing. Being put through this test was indeed very difficult.  How could I argue or even voice my reasons? I could not.

I smiled and cried through it all. I felt humiliated, saddened, maddened, on the verge of giving up; it really felt as though I was in the thick of the storm, and this storm lasted a couple of years. But alhamdulilah, I remained steadfast in my decision, did not give up, did not give in. The two years felt as though they would never end. But alhamdulilah the storm eventually passed and there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Just by enduring this test, I realised it had made me stronger. This occurred at the beginning of my journey to Islam, from the time I decided to adhere to the way of life Allah has chosen. This change in my life was not easy to begin with, but it became the best and easiest choice I made, with the help of Allah, subhanAllah.

Looking back, I am now actually thankful for this test. Maybe through my father’s actions towards me, I hopefully passed a test that will benefit me in the Hereafter inshaAllah.  At least, it helped me to become a stronger minded Muslim alhamdulillah.

My words of support would be: It is worth it. Allah puts those whom He loves through these trials. Do not lose hope. Stay strong in what you are doing, especially if it is for the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Believe and accept it with your heart, not only your mind and what you set out to achieve will become easier with the permission of Allah.