Divine Wisdom


A poem by BookwormHijabi.

Divine Wisdom

Tell me why they demand!
Why this way? they ask.
What good is this? they question;
Why for me this task?

I wear loose clothes already,
Why a scarf, why jilbab?
Its culture, not religion!
Why specifically this garb?

I’m just listening to some music,
It’s not an immoral song!
It makes me feel spiritual,
Then WHY is it so wrong?

I’m hanging out with a friend
So what if it’s a guy?
Our intentions aren’t questionable,
Why should I bid good bye?”

For every command we have questions,
And answers we require.
Explanations are plenty sisters,
But why must we inquire?

These dictates are Divine,
It is not a human law —
Each decree has a reason,
There is nary a flaw.

His are the ‘whys and wherefores’
He alone is in the know,
Cannot our belief be absolute,
Complete submission we could show?

We can have our proofs and justifications
We can question till we’re blue,
But in the end my sisters,
His Word alone is Truth.