That is Freedom


Poem by guest writer, Rida F.

That is Freedom

Rida F.

You say freedom doesn’t exist
Or that it means to do whatever you want —
I beg to differ.
Freedom does exist.

It exists in the time when you walk out covered from head to toe,
because you are free from the painful, the stressful shackles of society.
It started existing the day you vowed you wouldn’t let man dictate
how you acted, how you spoke, how you dressed, how you lived.

It exists in that split moment after Shaytan attacks and incites you with whispers
but you, you muster the strength to fight him back.
It exists in that little voice inside you
that nags at you to correct yourself because you are in the wrong.

It exists within the words of your Lord
when you recite them and reflect upon them.
It exists on your tongue, when you say a kind word
or are nice to someone who has wronged you.

It exists in your heart when you find yourself forgiving others
for the sake of Allah.
It exists in the place between the ground and your head
when you are prostrating to the One Who is Worthy of all Prostrations.

It exists every time you decide with a firm resolve
that you’re going to submit to the will and the hukum (command) of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala
That is freedom.