My Hijab, My Reminder


 Often times we lose sight of what our true purpose is in life. And yet, there are reminders all around us.  

Our preoccupation with life gets in the way of our dedication to religion. Our “life” gets in the way of salat. Our “life” gets in the way of remembering Allah ta’ala. Our day may revolve around our education, our children, our parents, our wants, our earnings. Our busy days often distract us from our true purpose, pleasing Allah.

However, we have been blessed with reminders to guide us back to our true purpose in life. A beautiful and practical reminder is the blessing of hijab. Use your hijab as your aid in remembering Allah as often as you can. So, even when you get up for school or work, when you step in front of that mirror to put on your hijab, don’t worry so much about how well it matches or if it’s perfectly pinned. Instead, worry about whether or not it’s fulfilling its purpose. Throughout the day, when you see your reflection in a window or when you take a moment to tuck in the strand of hair, look at your hijab and remember what it represents.

Is it reminding you that you are a Muslim? Is it reminding you that you are a believer in the one Lord? Is it reminding you to praise Allah?

We can use these moments to remember that what we have on our head represents what we believe in our hearts. It is the perfect opportunity to gain blessings. Simple dhikr during those moments can increase our good deeds. So even if you are having a busy day with running errands, working or shuffling from one class to another, you can use your hijab not just for modesty, but to remember Allah every chance you get!