Symbol of Purity


Poem by guest writer Naima Abedin.

Symbol of Purity

Naima Abedin

Modesty, security, protection,
Love, respect, and deep affection.
Not a way to abuse the religion
By putting it on but not knowing the reason.

Yeah I’m not a scholar, and it’s not my place to say
But I think we all know, that that Day isn’t far away
When we stand in front of Allah and answer for our deeds
“Why did you wear hijaab” He’ll ask, and we’ll reply “my parents made me.”

Why else would you wear it, but not give it the respect it needs
By putting it on at one point, and then chucking it like a disease.
Just because your parents don’t see it, doesn’t mean He’s also oblivious;
In the end it’s His wrath you’re dealing with, not you’re parents’ vehemence.

Not only are you hurting your life in the hereafter,
But for other Muslims, you could create disaster.
Every where you go, you set an example for the Muslim population.

One ignorant act, and it’s a step back
on a hard- built positive construction.
Hijaab is mandatory for our own sake
It prevents us from sinning, and keeps us safe.

 Of course no one is perfect, but trying to be already makes you that
By mending your ways one step at time, Jannah you’ll obtain and that’s a fact.
So start with what you have: hijaab is a crucial part of our identity
Respect it and understand it, for it’s a beautiful symbol of purity.