Beauty Within Me


A poem by guest writer Noor Salem.

Beauty Within Me

Noor Salem

They say that I’m oppressed because I cover my hair.
They are misinformed, and by that I swear;
Misinformed because they lack the knowledge that I own
Knowledge that changed throughout the years I’ve grown.
I cover my hair not by force or shame
But by obedience to my Creator, His satisfaction my aim.
My birth, life and, death are all to Him alone
That’s why my beauty to strangers isn’t ever shown.
Women are treated like sex objects, billboards, and ads
And they wonder why young girls get harassed by their dads.
They wonder why a thousand girls die every single year
Of eating disorders, as they try to impress their thinner peers.
When a size zero just isn’t good enough you know there is something wrong
Even when the girl has been thin all along.
They wonder why women are raped day and night
They don’t realize what the media’s doing  just isn’t right.

I was once a size one, and with society’s push I thought
A size zero is better, and that’s the next thing I bought.
Double zero came quite fast, and that’s when I began to think,
Is this really what I want in life, to continue to shrink?
I realized there is more to life, than beauty and my size
And that society is killing us, and it doesn’t seem to realize,
I became thankful for my religion, for I’m not judged by my face
But the true purpose: good deeds, it’s all one big race.
A race to Paradise, an option for us after we die
Of course Hell is the other, for those who continue to deny and to belie.
Why waste my time worrying about my eyeliner’s perfection,
Or the fact that I need to renew my lipstick collection?
Why deprive myself of food and have celery and carrots for dinner,
And ignore my loved ones who tell me I keep on getting thinner?
Why live my life trying to impress those around me,
When in the end we’re judged at a total different degree?
A degree based on our actions, our words, and our deeds,
A good deed would be like fulfilling another’s needs.
A deed like this of course, weighs quite heavy on the scale,
The scale that really counts, and the one we don’t want to fail.
It’s not the digits of your pounds; it’s not length of your hair,
It’s the good that you do, hear me out if you care!
We’re all going to die, and end up in the same place underground
So why sit here and try, to make this life so sound?
Why build up our wealth, our beauty, and our fame,
On the that day we are judged, all this is going to be our shame.
Allah is not going to ask me why I went from 90 to 99 (lbs)
And He’s not going to punish me because my eyes didn’t “shine”
With the so called foundation, mascara, and blush,
So girl I’m gonna tell ya, keep your words in and “hush.”

If you’re blinded from the truth, I pray for you each day
To be guided to the path, the one and only way.
For eternal bliss, eternal, yes, as in forever
So you tell me now, what’s more clever?
Living this life as if it’s going to last
Then get a smack on the face when I lay in my cast?
Or stick to my heart and follow my deen,
The deen of Islam, with belief in the Unseen?

Throughout the past few years, I’ve realized more and more,
Islam is so beautiful; it’s a total different door
Than what society perceives it to be -oppression, terror and hate,
Wake up and realize this, before it’s too late.
I am proud of my religion; it’s a protection for me
And after reading this and learning, you must have to agree!
A shout out to my friends, my family and more,
Who cover their beauty as they walk out the door.
We don’t need the approval of strangers, we don’t need their rates,
They didn’t create us and they’re not the ones to open Heaven’s gates.
Does it really make you feel good, at the whistle from the guys
As they stare your behind up and down, checking out your thighs?
Does it really make you feel good, at the winks and the flirts
Does it really make you happy? because for you my heart hurts!
You walk in arrogance, as if showing more skin means you’re better than me,
And I walk in laughter because I know you are not what I want to be.
I don’t need attention from the guys, I don’t need to sit and flirt
Because I am a human and don’t deserve to be treated like dirt.
Covering up myself makes me feel great
Knowing I’m not an object for others to use at their own rate.
I’ve gained respect for my personality from strangers all around
And that’s when I truly realized that Islam is very sound.
My name is Noor Salem, and I shout out loud,
My religion is Islam and I am very proud,
Those who hate can hate, those who lie may do
But in the end what will emerge, is everything that’s true.
I thank Allah for my religion, deep down in my heart
And I pray to stay on the path, until the day I depart.


Noor Salem is an eighteen-year-old  Muslimah who has been writing poetry since the age of seven. She plans to major in Communication and then do her Masters in Nutrition.