A Testimonial


A poetic confession to a beloved, by guest writer MuslimahRose.

A Testimonial

It’s been a year since we have been together. It doesn’t seem that long, I know.  After a brief introduction, I was given a choice to commit to you; in my heart it was clear which way I would go.

I have come a long way from hiding you, to putting you on display.  I was really trying to make us fit, make you my own, connect with you in a special way.

As the days go by, it has been a pleasure having you around.  I feel like I have been discovering the true me. You are a constant reminder of my purpose and my responsibility.

Today I can honestly say I am more comfortable with you – you complement me well.  I think I have grown to understand why you were commanded – I understand the story you tell.

You announce to the world, who I am, who I serve, no question, no confusion on my stance. Strangers can identify me quickly from the very first glance.

I feel like I was chosen for you and you were made for me.  A plan that was written before I came into existence – this is who I was meant to be.

You signify my protection, display my honour, respect, and dignity.  Today I can say I have fallen for you, draped softly, flowing freely – beautiful simplicity….

my lovely Hijab!