Gardens, Streams and Fragrance


A supplicating address, asking Allah to accept our minimal efforts for His sake.

Gardens, Streams and Fragrance

Zehra Agha

You Say You created us weak
What then can a helpless slave do,
If not to break down,
And surrender to You?

Where else does a beggar go to,
If not to Your door?
Overwhelmed by Your graciousness,
How can we not ask for more?

Our sins and disobedience give us reason for hayaa,
Yet Your Mercy outsources our worth;
Is it not from wisdom that RasulAllah advised
A believer to be as humble as the earth?

We struggle and stumble in Your way,
Trying to please you with deeds
With our tiny incapable hands,
Planting for the Akhirah even tinier seeds.

This hijab is but an excuse
To become from amongst Your most beloved,
To erase ourselves in this world
And be raised amongst angels, coveted.

This jilbab is but a pension;
Yet how beautiful will it seem –
After retirement to our grave
Slumbering peacefully under Jannah’s beam.

Death is the bridge to our meeting with You
Seeing Your Face our utmost pleasure
We too veiled our faces in this life,
So on that Day, You may grant us this treasure..

Please accept our incompleteness,
And in Jannah, grant us Your acceptance
Make us eternal companions of RasulAllah
Amongst gardens, streams and fragrance.