Hold My Hand


Often, the most love and the best advice comes from the ones that are closest to us, our sisters. 

The trees whispered the secrets of Summer’s passing breeze as she peered out the car window watching leaves dance wistfully with the beautiful, bright, blue backdrop. The tassels of her hijab caught the rhythm of the wind and stirred in the breeze. Her eyes watered as she stared out of the open window, and so she looked away to the passenger’s seat to her left. Her younger sister by two years sat looking out the open window near her, also watching the delight of nature in the city. THe only difference was that the wind danced tastefully through locks of wavy hair. The girl in hijab sighed as she remembered the days when the wind flew through her hair, but followed the sigh with ‘Alhamdulillah,’ since having hijab was one of the best decisions she was blessed enough to make.

She could see her sister become more and more beautiful every passing day, although the innocent fourteen year old didn’t think so. On seeing the image of her sister uncovered and unaware of her beauty, which should be covered, a gush of tears poured through her and she could only manage to whisper, “Ya Allah, please – please help her – please guide her. Ya Allah. Ya Allah. Ya Allah.”

With this, she returned her gaze to the window – heart still pouring in tears – eyes dry, and thus now she writes a letter to her younger sister:

Dearest Bub,

You have no idea how much I care for you – no idea. I sincerely want the best for you and I honestly want you to be smiling and shining for the sake of Allah. I know I may annoy you an awful lot and you must get sick of me to be frank. For this I am truly sorry, because I don’t mean to. I don’t only care for you as a person and for your happiness and success – more than this, I care about your soul and that’s what I long to see shine even more.

You honestly do not see how beautiful you are, do you? I see how your delicate cheeks scrunch up whenever I say you look pretty. Honey, you are absolutely beautiful and so incredibly valuable.

My precious sister, you dress to please the creation and act so beautifully to please the Creator. You are ten times the person I am because of your pure, good hearted. Dear, despite what you’re going through, I know you can overcome these hurdles – I know you can shine…

Value yourself, your intellect, your character, your humour and your body. It wasn’t meant for the whole world to see – they do not have this right. My beautiful sister, don’t sigh when he doesn’t pay attention to your new hairstyle – he’s not worth it. Why try to please him, you’re destined for someone and only one. For now, lose yourself in love, True Love: loving your Lord. Lose yourself in His boundless love, compassion and mercy. He will forgive you, my sister.

Turn to Him. Trust Him. Love Him and His Commands.

Dearest and most innocent sister, I love you. I believe in you. I care for you. I pray for you.

You want to feel safe? Then cover your beautiful self.

Hold my hand; come to hijab. Allah is always there for you.

Always in my prayers,

Your Sister.

P.S. Please smile. Yes, right now; smile. (: