To Wear or Not to Wear?


Do we let obstacles hinder us from the path to Allah’s obedience?  Guest writer AllahLovesYou shares her story to hijab along with her reflections.

When I first started covering, I just wanted to do it so badly that I couldn’t hold it off any longer. In fact, I hadn’t planned anything at all. I had with me just one pin, which was a gift from a neighbor. I owned about 3-4 colored scarves, and just before Ramadan, I had bought myself an abaya and head caps. The abaya I really wanted for going to the Masjid and especially for Taraweeh (night prayers) so I could pray with good intentions. I was not thinking about the hijab then, rather just pondering upon ways to get closer to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

A year ago, I gained a much closer understanding to the meaning of hijab that made me want to delve right in. However due to various external pressures and concerns from friends and family, I decided to wait. And wait. And wait some more until someone would finally say to me “Okay, now you’re ready.”

After all, it is a life-changing decision, right? It will stick with me perhaps for the rest of my life, won’t it? I guess I need acquire “sufficient knowledge” first. Thus the excuses poured in.

But what I didn’t understand then was that it wasn’t knowledge that I was lacking after all. What I needed was a burst of faith that would come with confidence, a positive attitude, and fearless motivation. To want to cover is an amazing feeling because it makes light of all the hardships that may accompany it. The desire is a beautiful sense of inspiration from deep within.  Hijab is a command by our Rabb, the Most High. It dignifies and upholds our religion, it strengthens our Imaan. A Muslim is the one who submits to the the One Lord and obeys His commands. All this is understood and most of us are well aware. Then why is it that when it comes down to acting upon the understanding, we hesitate? Pure submission heeds no hesitation, you must simply go in head first.

Therefore, the Hijab –my Hijab, is a beautiful expression of submission. It is a means to provide a wonderful experience of developed confidence and respect from everyone. That extra piece of cloth in even the hottest of days can be the greatest sense of security for a Muslimah. Hijab is such a beautiful blessing, that even when you feel like uncovering or exposing just a little, your heart thuds loudly to tell you to stop. Your heart desires to be valued as something much more precious than diamonds and pearls. Something hidden, like a secret that no ordinary man can be told. Hijab. I’m falling in love with the word. I can say it a billion times and scream at the top of my lungs to let the whole world know: I’ve made my decision.

Modesty, humility and humbleness are truly admirable in both men and women. These are characteristics that must accompany the Hijab.

We should remember Allah is always by our side. He Knows, He Sees, He Understands us more than we do ourselves. He guides whomever He wills. It is ultimately a favour to be able to see clearly, listen, adapt, and use our hearts firmly in our faith. I thank Rabb al ‘Alameen for guiding me to this beautiful favour of His; for calling me towards Him every day and every night by giving me opportunities to obey Him. I feel so blessed, loved, and protected subhanAllah. May Allah give us all the tawfeeq (ability) to come closer to Him (subhanahu wa ta’ala) this Ramadan and for the rest of our lives, Ameen.