Beginnings New


A much needed reminder to utilize the blessings of this month and take any needed steps to come closer to Allah.

Alhumdulillahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen, it is that time of the year again. When nights brim with serenity, intimate worship and du’as, while days overflow with struggle and patience. When hearts are softer and resolves are harder; when good deeds are easier and sins are difficult. Despite our broken promises, and our perpetual immodesty, it is the absolute bounty of our Kind and Merciful Lord, that He bestows Ramadan to us year after year. Even the mountains of our sins can not parallel the mountains of mercy of our Beautiful Lord.

Every year without fail, He grants us yet another chance to save ourselves from the punishment of the Fire which penetrates beyond fathom. Each year, He gives us endless opportunities to become His nearest and dearest slaves. And each year, sadly we ruthlessly waste this blessed month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of barakah. Those actions which seem impossible outside of Ramadan come within reach during this blessed month. Can we imagine offering twenty extra raka’aat daily at night for thirty days? Or try to fast for thirty days in a row in any other month of the year? Can we practice the same discipline and will power to stay away from sin? Or be as generous in giving as much charity? The answer to all these questions is a frank ‘no’. It is only due to the immense blessings and mercy Allah subhanhau wa ta’ala graciously showers upon us in Ramadan, that us sinners are able to go beyond our average capacity and do more.

So why not use this month to initiate a good deed which we have been planning on doing for weeks, months, or even years? Like beginning to cover ourselves? Either secretly within our hearts or expressed openly, some way or the other, all Muslim women are aware of the dire necessity to cover in this age of profanity and sin. When society loses all sense of boundaries and limits, it becomes all the more essential for us to ensure we practice ours.

Out of all the wonders of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, one of His attributes is that of Hayaa. And since we are His slaves, especially His female slaves, it befits the honour of a Muslim woman to also embrace this attribute of Hayaa. Only a Muslim woman can be the ultimate epitome of such shyness. Only she can so gracefully represent this quality of humility and modesty.

These blissful days and nights will refreshingly provide us with renewed motivation and inspiration. Insha’Allah this month will enable us to experience and witness Al Rahmaan and Al Raheem. Out of a revitalized zeal for obedience, we will want to reciprocate. Out of overwhelming gratitude we will want to offer Him a tiny token of our Iman. What other sincere way than to gift wrap such a deed in the hijab of a Mujahidah, an abaya of Shukr and a veil of love?