A Letter of Love


Writer Hanaa addresses eighteen heartfelt verses to her hijab and how observing the sacred command makes her feel.

A Letter of Love

With pen in hand, under the moonlight I etch down a letter of love, I erase and re-write

How do I put into words how you cured my strife?

Rescuing me the untamed seas of this ending life

You changed my life in more ways than you’ll ever know

I remember that day how you set my faith in love aglow

A sister’s advice and a mother’s guidance

You awakened in me, an un-silencing conscious

You made me a stranger to others, but as we grew I cared less

My love for you and what it stood for I would never suppress

Pen down, I see you from where I sit

The moonlight shining on you, as if internally lit

And yet you will never read this letter, for the words of love you cannot say

But I know that Allah loves me because He allowed me to don you each and every day

You are but four corners of fabric that I so desperately love

You are who I am, a command sent from above

I call you Hijab, but oh you are so much more

You are my protection, my light, my dignity and to Jannah my door