The Recovery


A guest poem by Ayesha Nasir redefining the hijab experience. 

The Recovery

Ayesha Nasir

She is recovering;
covering up
on everything gone,
lost, classified under,
never to be found.

All she wanted was warmth.

She could not look herself in the eye,
it was because of everything inside which left her
numb and cold,
worthless and empty appeared her heart of gold.

Like the lies she told herself over the din of that voice inside,
truth- evident and manifest- could never hide.

She is recovering

Surrendering to the warmth she feels inside;
“To the One who made it, who made it mine”
she will tell you with a lingering smile.

Put your hand on your heart and ask
who would like to be left cold in a storm?

All the files corrupted cleared,
all the lost data recovered,
Anti-viruses newly installed;
she is recovering.

There is a backup with the One,
who Knows even the backspaced,
even the lost; the One who knows her
better than herself.

Surrendering, recovering,
remembering, denumbing,
feeling the warmth.