A Journey of a Thousand Miles


A journey of a thousand miles…must begin with a single step.

As the end of my third year of observing hijab approaches, many thoughts and memories rush into my mind, crowded with reminders of words spoken, people met, actions carried out, tears trickled and smiles gleamed. I can conclude my thoughtful wanderings as a journey, an expedition, a climb, an adventure.

Hijab is neither a conclusive nor a definitive decision which ends as soon as it starts. I have learnt that hijab is an ongoing journey through which you find morals and meanings and lessons which couldn’t have been embedded in your mind with any textbook or teacher at school or university. The teacher is experience – and whether it made you laugh or cry, smile or scowl – it was a gift from Allah because if you made the most of it, it further polished your shining heart, insha’Allah.

Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the King of all Kings – He is the Most Gracious and Merciful and He knows we make mistakes and He knows we are not perfect. He simply wants us, His slaves, to have hope in His mercy. And always believe in His boundless forgiveness.

Throughout your own journeys, you will get tired, you will be bruised, you may get wounded and tears may fall. But with the warmth of faith inside us, we will stand up, we will continue to conquer, we will heal and ultimately – we will smile.

To every person who is embarking on their own journey, excited for what they may learn, may be scared of the ghouls of the unknown – I ask you to look ahead and stare at the horizon. Have hope and make the most of every part of your journey, every stumble, every fall, every success and every achievement; remember He who has gifted it to you. It’s all a gift. Alhamdulillah, how can we not smile? (: