Your Hijab, My Shield


Poem by guest writer Muhammad Aiman Azlan.

Your Hijab, My Shield

Muhammad Aiman Azlan

Surrounded by strangers I’m all alone,
My sight can’t rest on the same spot,
I only wish somebody was home,
To be my shade in this town so hot.

It’s not a cloth, rather a piece of jewelery,
Maybe cheap but priceless in value,
Brightly lights your true beauty,
Protecting others, not only you.

Among all others you stand out,
It’s easy to see a light in the dark,
I can hear clearly your silent shout,
“I’m a Muslim, in action and in heart!”

Driving on this long winding road,
It looks straight when you take the wheel,
I know then, that I can take this load,
Because your hijab, is my precious shield.