Dear World


Poem by guest writer Shahana.

Dear World


Dear World,

Why do you think
I am oppressed?
Oppressed? Because
I do not walk
the streets undressed?
Or because I
do not dress to
impress, men
of society?

Let me tell you,
my veiling is
a simple act
of piety.
Obeying the
commands of my
Lord, Creator
of the Heavans
and this vast earth.

My worth, is not
by what man thinks
or how many
men buy me drinks.
Rather I am
forced to be judged
by my mind and
and not the size
of my behind.

I am not one
to be confined
to the norms of
Yet I still shine
holding on to
my piety.
This veil is the
of modesty
and submission.

Let me clear the
air, in order
to be fair. I
strictly veil in
front of males. This
does not entail:
my brother, father,
husband, uncle,
or grandfather.

Why do you not
bother to ask,
forever think-
ing it’s a mask.
Again, let me
be clear, so you
do not fear. I
do not veil in
front of females.

Now do you still
think I lack a
voice? I’m telling
you, it’s my choice.
I am not forced;
Not by father,
brother, mother,
or any other.
Is that hard to
believe? Please just
perceive and do
not grieve. This is
my decision.
Do not judge by
what is on the television.
It’s my pleasure
to obey my Lord,
The One who sends
down Provision.

Life is nothing
but a test to
see who is
best in their deeds.
Planting our seeds
in this life
awaiting the
fruits in the next.

Your Muslim Sister