Even If I Lose


A poem detailing our only support through life’s struggles.

Even If I Lose

Zehra Agha

When hours are short and days are long,
When little goes right and much goes wrong,

To my close ones failing to impart joy,
My mind is a sponge, my time is a toy.

Trapped in this maze and clockwork,
Shadows of my heart hauntingly lurk.

To my Forbearing Lord I do not abide,
Eating me up, shaytan smirks inside.

Tipping over, struggling not to fall,
To my beloved Protector I desperately call!

Despite the deafening silence and hollow,
After my infantile duas, Your Mercy does follow.

Saving me from my own self is not an easy job,
Effortlessly You help me cut through the crowd and mob.

With Your Help by my side my fears fade away,
In awe of Your majesty, I bow my head and pray.

Who needs any other when I have You?
The One and Only; Strong, Powerful and True.

After straying away, once again I touch base,
Seeking forgiveness; surrendering to Your Face.

Past forgiven, I make a promise new,
Even if I lose, I lose only to You.