Sunday Spotlight: Dear Little Auntie


A tad bit delayed but our next Sunday Spotlight is here, featuring:

Dear Little Auntie

MashaAllah, this is a blog by 3 sisters (one of whom also blogs here) answering the advice of anyone and everyone in the most kind and helpful way possible. As they put it, it is:

A little bit of advice- a little bit of humor

This blog is meant to help my young Muslim sisters on their journey to Paradise.

We have featured a post of theirs called: Dear Non-Veiled-Wanna-Be-Veiled-Muslimah which was received very positively by you, the readers. This is a blog where you can ask any question on your mind – from Prom to TV shows, from boys to parents. If you need advice, this is the place to go insha’Allah – no judging, just lovin’. These are sisters, masha’Allah, who truly want to see their sisters pick themselves up from any little slips and come out smelling like a rose. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala increase them in their efforts, Ameen.