Change is Around the Corner


Change is inevitable. Instead of fearing it, we should put our trust in our Creator and embrace it.

I only hear my own breath. I only feel the thumping deep in my chest. I only see the end of the road and as I approach it, the beads of sweat on my forehead glisten. I fear this corner. I fear this corner greatly, though I shouldn’t, I fear it. I can taste this fear in my mouth, spicy yet bitter and my eyes are fixated on the corner. I don’t know what’s around the corner and I fear the change, which I am certain will overcome and destroy the weak soul inside me. Why must the security of this road end?

Everyone has been afraid of what’s around the corner. It’s the fear of the unknown, which we can sometimes feel, which can sometimes stop us from taking risks. The feeling of something different than the comfortable surroundings we are so secure in is something we wouldn’t want to venture out towards. It’s outlandish and strange – it must be safer to simply stay where we are.

Think of this though: For every second you are reading these words, you are breathing – and for every breath you have made, you have changed, a tiny amount of change, but you have changed. You are slightly different now than you were a couple of breaths ago. You’re becoming older, thus wiser and stronger. Change makes you stronger and it’s something that makes you an even more beautiful person.

Change is about truly putting your trust in Allah, even if it feels like no one can help, you must believe that Allah can – because He subhaana wa’ta’ala, the creator of the universe and everything seen and unseen – can help and is always there with you to help you, if you call on Him and believe.

For the past month or two, every Monday morning when I wake up I think, ‘Alhamdulillah,’ but I also think, ‘Here we go, another Monday morning.’ Life is passing so fast and we don’t notice that every Monday, every hour, every minute, every second and every breath – is in fact important and so valuable. If we truly value the many seconds we have been blessed with, why can’t we summon up the courage we all have inside of us, to do something different and make a change in our lives to make us live better, smile wider, pray with more sincerity and fear the One who created us rather than fear change – something which is in fact a blessing.

Allah knows what is best for us and any obstacles that come our way are shaping each and every one of us and forming us to be amazing Muslimahs with beautiful souls. Don’t fear the corner or anything around it because whatever it is can be beaten, if you have trust in Allah. It cannot knock you over if you don’ t let it and it is simply making you an even more beautiful person.

Do not forget that you are never alone, so look straight into the beady eyes of change, with the light of iman in your heart and the belief of success in the sparkle of your eyes; and smile!