Enjoining the Right

Guest writer Kulsoom K. illustrates the simplicity and power of enjoining the right thing in her own personal journey of hijab.

As a young Muslimah in the West, I grew up learning about hijab. I learnt its importance, its benefits, and and the reasons why our Lord the Most High wants women of all ages to adhere to this one simple rule. I also learnt a very important distinction: between that of an inner hijab and an outer hijab. To live in such a westernized society where you see people of all kinds doing all sorts of things can really start getting to a stuggling Muslimah trying to practice her religion. But every day that I went to school, every day that I came home, I knew the hijab was the choice I had to make to fulfill my duty to Allah.

But in reality, it takes only a moment to start taking up the hijab, and only a moment to take it off, as the outer hijab is merely a piece of cloth for your head and body. The inner hijab on the other hand is so much more; it’s your sincerity, humility, grace, actions, character, who you are as a person and so forth. I then took up the hijab knowing it was right thing to do, but it only took a moment for shaytaan to start whispering in my ears. After about six months of wearing hijab and for no reason whatsoever, I took it off. I still prayed five times a day however, avoided talking to non-mahram men, and kept learning knowledge about my Deen. But every day of my life after taking it off, I knew what I was doing for my Deen wasn’t enough. I knew there was still a very important aspect missing. I still believed I  had the inner hijab, but that simple piece of cloth that I needed to wear on my head and to cover my body was still amiss.

Every morning I woke up and told my self, let me first work on my inner hijab and improve my faith and then I’ll take up my outer hijab. But in reality who was I really lying to?
Allah the Most Exalted says for women to cover their heads, cover their bodies, and guard themselves. Yet every day I walked to school, I felt shaytaan smiling at me and saying, “She loves me so much! She’s disobeying Allah for my sake.”

One day, however, someone came into my life by the Will of Allah and for a long time afterwards I used to wonder to myself why this was the case. But now I know the answer: this person was to change my life forever. All this person did was ask one simple, yet powerful question: Why do you not take up the hijab? And only Allah knows how much humility fell upon my face and my heart at that moment.

After sincere encouragement and motivation from this person, I decided to take up the hijab again. But not just the headscarf this time; I decided to adopt the whole concept of hijab, from the inner hijab to the outer hijab. This person made me realize that life is indeed too short and reminded me of what Allah prefers and has chosen for me as a Muslimah. After observing the hijab now, I feel immensely grateful to Allah for making me a Muslimah and allowing me to be a flagbearer for this faith. Every time I walk down the street I greet at least a few Muslims that I don’t even know, smiling at the people who are proud of the step I have taken. Every day I sit amongst disbelief, fighting in the way of Allah. I feel with just a simple appearance, a kind heart, and a soft smile, people can realize what a true Muslimah is really about.

Today, I could not be happier that Allah has made me a Muslim and every morning I feel proud of my self and my faith. I thank Allah alone, and I thank Him for guiding me through someone in my life who made me realize what was right. Indeed it is through the Will of Allah that He guides whomever He pleases and through whatever means He Wills.


Kulsoom K. is a nineteen year old Muslimah who describes herself as an avid student of Deen, and a slave that is looking to make a difference.