The Comfort Factor


Meeting other people can give you an insight into your choices.

Just after finishing Salat AlDuhur the other day, a girl complimented my abaya. After thanking her, she commented, “I feel like a abaya is more comfortable, but I’m too afraid to try it.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “I’m one to ask. I’ve tried it all! Sweat pants, jeans, blouses, skirts, and finally, the abaya. And it can’t be better!”

And I wasn’t just saying that. My mind immediately went back to a day when my mother and I were out shopping a couple of months ago. I was holding a cotton jacket between my hands in the store, and I could picture the jacket off the hanger and part of a potential piece of a hijab outfit – the ones I used to struggle trying to construct. I recalled the endless shopping nightmares of trying to find something loose, not see-through, fashionable, comfortable, cheap, my size, and the list goes on. I sighed out loud at those memories and mentioned to my mom, “Alhamdulilah that Allah has had mercy upon me with abayas!”

Now I confessed to the girl, “I didn’t realize what a headache the hijab-outfit-construction process was until I wore the abaya and felt the difference. I thought by wearing regular clothes I would be more comfortable. But I was wrong.” Shaytan always tries to convince us that the sin we are doing is the more comfortable route, and that obeying Allah is the harder way. But that’s rarely the case.

So if you’d like to take your hijab to the next level and “the comfort factor” is what’s holding you back, trust me when I say that I’ve found the abaya to be the most comfortable choice from all aspects. Now, when I go out shopping, my wardrobe options are no longer as limited because I know I’m wearing it at home or under my abaya. When I’m at the university, I can move freely because I no longer have to worry that something will show if I point or bend down to pick something up. I don’t have to worry that eating an extra meal will shift my favorite outfit from “kinda halal” to the “too tight” category. The abaya gives me that extra room to live.

I won’t argue with you that jeans are super-comfortable. But worn alone, they are not hijab-comfortable or conscience-comfortable for that matter. Abayas have too long been associated with negative and even scary descriptions, when in reality, they are the most practical, suitable, pretty, and easy options for hijab. So for all my dear sisters looking for the comfort factor, look no further. The abaya is here.