Ya Ummi: Hijabi in Progress


Her journey to hijab still a work in progress, one of our sisters writes:

Ya Ummi,

I have been wearing hijab for a while now, and I was never tempted to take it off; but during weddings and parties it wasn’t my favourite thing to wear, since some of my cousins that also wore the hijaab never wore them to weddings. Alhamdulillah I don’t mind wearing my hijaab to weddings now because my dad always tells me that it’s important that we remember Allah in all situations.

So I wear the hijaab, but now I want to start wearing an abaya. My mom wears one and in my family only one of my aunts wear them. I know that I shouldnt look at whose wearing what, but I want to take this step without being singled out by my cousins which I have grown up with all my life. I have started to wear an abaya when I go out shopping, but I still haven’t had the courage to wear it to school. So I was wondering where should I draw the line? Does wearing an abaya mean I cant wear nice outfits? Does wearing an abaya mean I can’t dress up anymore?

I really want the courage to wear an abaya. I have been watching and listening to other sisters’ experiences wearing the hijaab and niqaab and inshAllah Allah will also give me the guidance to start. I hadn’t thought that I would want to cover myself completely and would think that if I marry someone pious I’ll eventaully cover myself. But again that got me thinking, that I shouldn’t want to cover myself because my husband would want me to, I want to cover myself because Allah wants me to. So any suggestions?

— Hijabi in progress…


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