Sister, you are my Inspiration


Guest writer Mariama Elhadad shares with us a few lines of verse about how hijab is just a stepping stone to a world of beauty to follow.

Sister, you are my Inspiration

Mariama Elhadad

From jeans to a jilbab, I see an immense transformation.

From designer tops to hijab – sister, you are my inspiration.

Now alhamdulilah you kneel to the ground, aiming to purify your intentions,

Bowing your head down to your Creator day by day in prostration.

A firm believer inshaAllah, setting an Islamic household foundation,

You’re not afraid to stand alone like Prophet Ibrahim, who himself was his own nation.

You hold steadfast and seek patience with your Lord despite the waiting and frustration,

by the will of Allah has He made your heart attached to the prayer in congregation.

You yearn for His forgiveness and mercy whereby your tears request a du’aa in supplication.

Your thirst for knowledge leads you to study the Seerah of the best of creation.

Learning the Sunnah and the Laws of Allah you attempt to avoid this worldly life’s temptations.

Knowing that life is a train and Akhirah is the next station,

I make du’aa that Jannah is our final destination.

Soil of saffron, rivers of honey – a place without limitations,

Only by the will of Allah has He guided you, so inshaAllah I pray you receive His ultimate salvation.