To Shaytan


A poem by Ola about standing up to one of our biggest adversaries.

To Shaytan:

Today I’m turning a new page,
Where I make my own decisions,

And I choose my own path.
For too long I have listened to you.

And for too long I have dreamt,
But today I’ve decided to take that first step.

Your advice never helped,
And your ways only deprived me,

Of being myself,
And acting on what I believe.

Their judgment won’t hurt me,
And it won’t change my mind either.

I’ve made my decision,
And I’m carrying it through.

I’m moving forward,
And leaving these thoughts.

I won’t feel weak, different or even insincere,
Because I’ve seen myself be much more than all of that.

And tomorrow, I will feel empowered,
And grateful,
Because I see my strength in standing up against you.