You set me free…


Joining us as our latest staff writer is Zehra Agha, who shares her poem, “You set me free…”

You set me free…

Zehra Agha

This poem is humbly dedicated to our dearest Shaykh,
who taught us the essence of haya.

They stare her down.
She’s covered from head to toe,
Except her eyes, dark brown,
Her hands, soft yet strong,

Feet, firm and quick.
Still they scoff and sneer,
Vainly attempting to prick,
A tear here and there,

A sob or two, maybe a sigh?
Somehow scheming to make it
Hard for her to get by.
Don’t they know what lies?

Behind that lowered gaze,
Inside that covered chest,
On that tongue which hums praise?
There is the hope of Him;

He, Who Designed her beauty,
Cradled her sensitivity,
Instilled responsibility and duty,
Then Molded her with courage.

She happily bears it all,
Embracing her modesty,
Skipping the pitfall,
Love, tingling in her heart.

Please try to make me cry,
She pleas; joke and laugh,
Taunt, ridicule and pry,
For when you cut me off

Your world, you send me,
Closer to my Lord,
You set me free,
To be His slave, not yours.