Ya Ummi: Help Me Recommit


Because your advice was so golden last time, we turn to you, our readers, again with a request for help. One of our sisters is struggling, striving to come closer to Allah. Please share your insights, advice and encouragement below. Our sister writes:

I wore the hijab for several years, I can’t say faithfully. At times I would take out the garbage without it, or even answer the door without regard to whether it was a muharam or not (unless of course I was made aware of visitors coming ahead of time). But aside from home, I wore it ritually. I was oblivious to passersby and whether they disliked it or not. I didn’t really care to notice. I made myself fit in whenever needed. Muslim and non-Muslim people often warmed up to me once they got past the outer shell of my hijab. I am myself. Very well balanced and secure with who I am. We all have our flaws, but the hijab was one thing I never let weigh me down nor stop me from living.

Sadly, at the request of my spouse I took it off. I don’t need to go into detail, but it happened. May Allah forgive me. It’s been about ten months. At first I felt bare, and ashamed without it. I was constantly hit by pangs of remorse and regret. Guilt would be the best word to describe what I was feeling. Slowly the guilt began to fade, but not to the point where it left my subconcious. With the removal of my hijab followed a disconcern for modest clothing. No, I didn’t go from no hijab to bikini, and I would say that I’ve kept myself slightly modest. T-shirts and jeans was as far as it went.

Now when I see girls covered I feel a sense of inadequacy and a need to return. My husband is also requesting that I put it back on. He’s content with the idea and wishes that he never requested otherwise. But this time it’s me. With the removal of my hijab, I also relinquished the bubble that I built around myself. I forfeited all thoughts of not caring what people think. I lost that security somewhere in the middle of materialism and comfort. I am too comfortable. I don’t stand out. I don’t grab negative attention. But I can’t help but feel it’s wrong. It’s so simple to just put the scarf back on, yet I am having trouble doing so. I look at past pictures of when I was wearing the hijab and find that they have a beautiful glow. It’s the contrary for the newer pictures. May Allah strengthen me and restore the ideals I once had.


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