In the Shade of a Friday Khutbah


In this guest post, Fida I. shares how a Friday khutbah has the power to seep into our lives and become a powerful source of inspiration and reminders.

Original image credit: Cajie

It was during Friday prayer one day when I noticed a toddler with her older sister. This little girl kept touching her own hair, and then her sister’s hijab. She did this a number of times, and I could tell she wanted to put a scarf on like the other girls. Later, she went to her mom and did the same. Her mom handed her a scarf, and the older sister put it on. Little girls, with their round faces wrapped in hijabs, are always a cute sight, masha’Allah!

It really made me wonder though, subhan Allah. This little girl was “observing” the hijab, wanting to be like others. It shows how much we are role models for the young ones. Similar to how, in clothing stores today, we see the fashion for little girls mimicking that of older women, sometimes even the inappropriate fashions.

So why not become models for the young girls in our community by observing proper hijab? Why not became encouragement for other sisters by showing them that it can be done, that wearing hijab is not too difficult? The hijab should also be an easy task, for Allah subhanahu wa ta’laa is always here with us.

Later that same day, the sight of a classmate who doesn’t wear hijab at school, but does at the Masjid, got me thinking. At the Masjid, this classmate wore hijab modestly, may Allah guide her and all of us. And I was surprised to find my mind wandering back instantly to several things I’d heard in that day’s khutbah.

The first thing I remembered was advice from the khateeb that we shouldn’t be judgmental. This girl I saw might have just worn hijab to the Masjid, but that didn’t give me the right to jump to conclusions and judge her. Insha’Allah, Allah will guide her, but in the meantime, I shouldn’t think badly of her. Let Allah take care of what’s going on in people’s hearts, not us.

The second thing I remembered at that moment was the reminder that we should not put fear into the hearts of others. The little girl I’d seen during Jumu’ah loved the hijab – when we see children like this, we should encourage them, and not make them fear what people say when they’re older. We should let them go on being good Muslims and loving their religion. We should remind them that Allah is on our side and will listen to what we need.

Lastly, I recalled the reminder that we should have a good opinion of Allah and He will be as we think He is. It was such a comforting thought, and as these things ran through my head, I was happy to see the words from the khutbah coming back to inspire me later in the day, and it was a beautiful end to another blessed Friday.

Fida I. is a chocoholic, writer, and a hijabi. She blogs at Her poem, “We Wear the Hijab” previously appeared on IGIC.