Poem by guest writer Fatimah Finney.


Fatimah Finney

This head is wrapped in more than just cloth,
this body is covered in more than just clothes
and I am more than what you think you see in me.
I wear humility on my back,
gratitude around my neck,
and respect across my chest
because modesty is my chosen style of dress.

I am a Muslim woman
And I am not oppressed.
I am impressive.

My beauty is not measured by the length of my legs,
the width of my hips,
or the height of my heels.
Nor is my worth contained in curves of my frame
Or the style of my hair.
Who I am extends beyond my body proportions and the clothes that I wear.

I am a Muslim woman
Born of Muslim women
And my story is theirs.

We are more than what your headlines declare.

We have minds.
We have opinions.
We have intelligence.
We have ambitions.
We have our faith
And we gladly practice our religion.
As mothers, daughters, sisters, wives,
friends, students, and teachers,
we are born leaders.

And we are strong.
Yes, we choose to wear our garments long
And our heads are wrapped.
But this only adds to what is inherently in us
and what we will never allow your guidelines to define.

My beauty is mine.

So no, I am not those women on your magazines
and don’t be confused in thinking I secretly want to be.
I am a proud Muslim woman
and I prefer being  free.


Fatima Finney is currently a college undergraduate at Trinity College in Connecticut. She enjoys hearing, reading and writing poetry, and uses poetry to address issues that are important to her.