This Hijab


I randomly stick sticky notes on my desk with short and powerful statements or quotes. My school agenda is filled with lines of poetry. I cut out quotes and sayings from magazines and create collages that hang in my closet. Words mean the world to me. They keep me going and allow me to stay motivated on a daily bases. Now, I found an accessible way to write on my mirror and not leave a mess. My handy dandy Crayola markers lie on my desk, and permit me to write down what’s on my mind, from tasks to quotes, onto my mirror.

The lyrics of the nasheed “The Veil” by Dawud Wharnsby Ali were lingering in my mind one winter evening, when I impulsively decided to inscribe these words on my mirror. The words of the song stared back at me. I stood there in awe, for a few minutes, looking at my reflection and momentary looking to the words of the nasheed.

This hijab,

this mark of piety,

is an act of faith, a symbol

for all the world to see

It has been a month since those lines have been on my mirror. Every time I lay my eyes on those words, a rapid shiver goes down my spine and a smile takes over my face. I wake up everyday, and wrap my hijab over my head. I look at my reflection, examining if I have fulfilled the obligations of the hijab.

My eyes glance over at the words written in purple on my mirror. Those four lines, simple yet so meaningful, make my heart to beat hastily. I look again in the mirror, thinking why do I really wear the hijab? The straightforward words remind me to renew my intentions, and ponder upon the true meaning of the hijab, and why is it draped around my head in such a manner.

This simple hijab, you see, it protects my dignity. I think of all the times that this hijab has protected me. The various situations I have been through that my hijab allowed me to shine. I remind myself of how this hijab is an act of worship, and the amount of reward I will receive, inshaAllah, for enduring this responsibility.

“How often it is that a small action becomes great by its intention. And how often it is that a great action becomes small by its intention.”

Intentions are what mold our actions. Sisters, remember: You are performing an act of worship. You are pleasing your Lord by covering yourself. You are a symbol of this deen, you are truly a mark of piety, and you are upon the truth. This hijab that is so neatly assembled around your head, is more than a cloth. It signifies your true integrity. Remember to renew your intentions and think about the real purpose of the hijab. Remember the immense reward you have for taking on this commitment, and smile, because you are beautiful.