Flag Bearers of Islam


How much honor do feel lies in the clothes you wear?

From the winter Olympics that swept past us about a month ago, a perspective can be derived. I watched the athletes representing their countries, parading proudly in their specially designed patriotic garb. In a second, the shot switched from a crowd of Canadians to a subsequent shot of each country’s flag bearer holding their country’s flag proudly, often looking up at the swaying fabric and seeming moved by it somehow.

As I watched this, I remembered something a revert said in a video about her choice to accept Islam as a permanent way of life. After outlining all the additional advantages of donning the hijab, the sister capped her admiring words about the verb with something that, upon reflection, causes me to stand with esteem, smile like I mean it, and inspires a warmth to emanate from my core.

She said she, “[found] it interesting that Allah has chosen the women to be the flag bearers for Islam.”

Have you ever thought of the hijab in this regard? As you walk to your morning class, those of you who observe the hijab in its entirety uphold a standard of character.

A character that says:


– Allah has commanded me to observe Hijab. And I obey.

– Because I wear the Hijab, there is no confusion about my identity: I’m a Submitter.


– Because I do not want to be harassed in any shape or form

– Because women’s beauty has long been made into a commodity and I reject this

– Because I’ve been surrounded by propaganda that teaches me that my self-worth should be derived from my waist size, when in reality I KNOW my self-worth stems from my intellect

Have you ever looked at yourself the way a flag bearer looks at his or her flag? One distinction is that a Muslimah’s flag does not limit itself to a country; rather, it extends its beautiful manifestation of faith beyond the confines of border to all of humanity.

If you take a metaphorical glance at your dress, your eyes should hold more emotion than the eyes of a flag bearer, for you represent those who submit their will to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Muslim or not, there is something to be appreciated in a person who is not swayed by the attitudes of the misinformed (creation), but who is swayed by the will of their Creator.

“O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness – that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.” [7:26]