We Wear the Hijab


A simple but expressive poem by guest writer Fida I., who talks about what hijab means to her.

We Wear the Hijab

Fida I.

The hijab is a symbol of faith.

It’s not just about modesty
but wearing it
brings an amazing connection
that binds us
in a universal sisterhood.

You wear your hijab
With a special smile,
Because it’s your own experience,
Your own special bond
with God.

We wear the hijab
because it makes us feel
protected but free…

With courage to wear the hijab
we dress and act modestly,
We feel at peace and are respected
for who we are.

The hijab is a simple cloth
that represents Islam.


Fida I. is a chocoholic, writer, and a hijabi. She blogs at http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/.