A Year Ago Today: The Personal Story


On January 5th, 2009, Yossra H. made an important decision. A year later, she shares her thoughts with us.

Image Credit: Conspirator

A year ago today, I made the biggest decision of my life yet.

A year ago today, I finally ignored all the doubts that said I couldn’t do it.

A year ago today, I followed the beautiful path that my older sister took before me.

A year ago today, I decided that what Allah thought of me was far more important what people think of me.

A year ago today, I put on a red and yellow hijab in the morning, and didn’t take it off.

A year ago today, I prepared myself for anything and everything that people would do to me.

A year ago today, I prayed very hard that people wouldn’t do anything to me.

A year ago today, I took a deep breath and jumped. I walked into school, with my head held high and with the feeling of Allah protecting and encouraging me. As I walked down the hallways, I saw some of my friends looking at me confused. I heard many people tell me, “But your hair was pretty! Why?” One person even said that I wouldn’t last a month. I felt the extreme joy and pride of my true friends, and the disappointment and sadness of other “friends.”

A year ago today, I went home amazed at how easy it was, alhamdulilleh. I was so surprised at how something I thought was going to be so difficult and trying of my strength, turned out to be so simple and refreshing.

A year ago today, I felt like, for the first time, I knew who I was and was happy with that person.

There is no doubt that throughout this year, there have been times when it’s been hard. There were times when people stared and made fun. There were friends whom I had lost. There were moments when I was terrified of wearing it.
But, throughout this year, I have never once regretted it. I always believed in William Shakespeare’s quote, “Action is eloquence.” I wanted to prove to my family, myself, and, most importantly, Allah, that I could do it.

Every day since a year ago today, as I wrap the beautiful scarves around my head, I feel Allah with me, protecting me. I have never been as happy with a decision as I have been with the one I made a year ago today.

A year ago today, I put on the hijab and haven’t taken it off since.


Yossra H. is currently a sophomore in high school. She was born and raised in Virginia, U.S., although her family comes from Sudan. Her family was her biggest inspiration for taking on the hijab; she says “I was surrounded by beautiful women who covered themselves for Allah, and I wanted to be a part of that.” She has never looked back since first wearing it on January 5, 2009.