France Drafting New Bill to Ban Burqa


This bill is just being drafted at the moment, but one lawmaker is proposing a fine of £700 for wearing the burqa “anyone appearing in public ‘with their face entirely masked.'”

The parliamentary leader of the ruling French party is to put forward a draft law within two weeks to ban the full-body veil from French streets and all other public places.

The announcement by Jean-François Copé, cutting short an anguished six-month debate on the burka and its Arab equivalent, the niqab, will divide both right and left and is likely to anger President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Copé, in an interview with Le Figaro to be published tomorrow, said that he would bring forward a law which would impose fines of up to €750 (£675) on anyone appearing in public “with their face entirely masked”. Exemptions, still to be drafted, would permit the wearing of masks on “traditional, festive occasions”, such as carnivals. Stiffer punishments would be laid down for men who “forced” their wives or daughters to wear full-body veils.

Via The Independent.

France has always been so considerate of what Muslim woman want, hasn’t it?