Doctor turns away burqah wearing woman


A 23 year old mother with a burka [went] to the disciplinary tribunal because she was turned away by a family doctor on Christmas Day. The Utrecht woman is upset and also lodged a complaint by the Equal Treatment Commission, reports AD.

According to the Muslim woman, who went to the clinic with her sick son, the doctor didn’t want to help her because she wore a burqa. The doctor later said that he acted this way because he was run down.

The woman is nethertheless upset and turned to the disciplinary tribunal. The clinic regrets the incidents and is investigating exactly what happened.

The woman told AD she felt humiliated, pound into the ground and distressed. “I simply can’t believe that somebody would turn me away for my external appearance,” she said.

Via Islam in Europe. Visit the site for updates on the situation. La hawla wa la quwatta illa billah.