Countless Blessings


A poem of heart-felt praise and thanks, submitted by guest writer Sheema Hameed.

Countless Blessings

Sheema Hameed

Oh Allah, how should I thank you,
for making my dreams come true.

Oh Allah, I praise You by Your every name,
for removing all the obstacles that came.

Oh Allah, thanks for Your bounty,
by giving me opportunities plenty.

Oh Allah, I beg You to forgive me,
for sinning day and night endlessly.

Oh Allah, please have mercy on me,
for a good Muslimah I strive to be.

Oh Allah, pardon me all the time,
for every now and then I simply whine.

Oh Allah, Your blessings how can I deny,
for every pleasure I take in with these eyes.

Oh Allah, all praises belong to You,
for my destiny You already knew.

Oh Allah, You gifted me with the best of parents,
who bore me with utmost patience.

Oh Allah, You put me into the most caring family,
who made me cherish childhood happily.

Oh Allah, You gave me two cute little sisters,
with whom I’ve experience memorable wonders.

Oh Allah, You granted me a loving brother,
who always listened to me forever.

Oh Allah, You blessed me with a wonderful husband,
In whom I found my love, companion and a true friend.

Oh Allah, You blessed me today again,
for as a Muslimah I found identity but not just my name.

Oh Allah, I once again say in tears of happiness,

Oh Allah, make each of them my sisters in Jannah too,
for each of us love each other only for You!


Sheema Hameed is a married homemaker, and has been living in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years. Professionally, she is a Computer Science Engineer. Alhamdulillah, she wears both the hijab and niqab, and has been adorning herself with her Islamic identity since the age of 14. Sheema feels that hijab is not merely a thing which covers her; rather, it enriches her character as a Muslimah. Regarding her hijab, she says, “I love it, and without it, I’m just a common person in a common crowd… it is an essence of my being in this world.”