On each Eid, a billion or so Muslims, in every corner, nook, and cranny of this world come together and celebrate their joy together. Together. Every year – no, every few months – my hopes are lifted: a jam-packed masjid in Ramadan, over a million pilgrims in Hajj, Eid prayer, all together. In sync. I see one Ummah, one family, one nation, one purpose, one goal.


But when I open my eyes and see the fights over little things (and, yes, they are little), my heart begins to ache.

I long for the day when Muslims will appreciate their fellow Muslims. The day when they will implement their deen with hikmah, respecting the opinions of others. The day when a fight over prayer in the Mosque does not happen. The day when sisters will smile at each other, from their heart, regardless of the hijab or niqab or whatever is on their heads.

In the end – what are all these things? Commandments from our Lord. The scholars say there are 7 traps of the shaytaan [1] – and one of them is when the shaytaan makes you fight or debate over what is permissible – trying to make you do the lesser of the two goods.

We all know he wants Muslims to be disunited so why give in? His goal is to make us end up in Hell. We forget and begin hurting our fellow brothers and sisters – brothers and sisters, all children of Adam alayhi assalam.

So, though these blessed days are over, I will continue to make du’aa – Ya Rabbi, grant our Ummah peace, unity, and hikmah – and I ask each one of you to do so as well. One day inshaAllah, we’ll be looking at one Ummah, one family, one nation, one purpose, one goal…

[1] See “Traps of Iblees” by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, rahimahu Allah.