One Thing Always Leads to Another


Each of our lives is sort of like a set of dominos. Once it starts, it can never stop until it reaches the end. Time keeps flying by, just as dominos continue to incessantly fall on top of one another, one after the other. Not all sets of dominos, understandably, are alike. Some end short, others live long. Some are set up plain and straight, others consist of abundant twirls and swirls.


Similarly, every Muslimah carries in her hands, her own unique journey in this vast world. She may come from a difficult upbringing, enduring a harsh, roller-coaster life, or everything could be seemingly normal and manageable for her. Allahu’Alam.

In any case, she remains the paramount constructor of her dominos’ design. For that reason, she is responsible to align all of the pieces Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala hands over to her in this life and ensure that they all can fall into place seamlessly – that all of her life’s decisions along with actions work together for the betterment of her akhira (afterlife).

In order for her design to flow smoothly to begin with, the Muslimah endeavors earnestly and perpetually to fulfill all the five pillars. These foundational pieces are the very first to be placed with the utmost care because they are the push needed to allow the rest of the dominos to fall into place perfectly. The blueprint of her design revolves around honestly pursuing Tawheed because it is the basis of success. Moreover, with all of these connecting factors naturally comes the crucial component of sincere and complete obedience to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and His Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wasallam. Hence, when Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala commands His female slaves to cover themselves in verse 24:31 of the Quran, we cover. And we do so from the bottom of our hearts and for His sake alone to earn His closeness, raise our status, and also because we fear His punishment if we rebelliously disobey.

Following this further, another aspect that positively requires greater elaboration is the overwhelming importance of sincerity. Seeing as each and every one of Allah’s commands is bursting with justice, hikmah (wisdom), and far more goodness than we will ever discover, not a single breathing soul has any valid excuse to not faithfully abide by all of His decrees. The Most-Merciful gives His slaves rules always for their improvement and progress, never ever for their downfall. After all, He is the Rabbal Alamin (The Lord of all that exists).

Accordingly, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala already has absolute knowledge that one action leads to another, just as the movement of one domino inevitably causes the movement of another domino. Thus, when a Sister observes hijab Fisabilillah (for the sake of Allah), Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala opens for her countless additional doors to perform other righteous deeds that she previously did not have access to. He elevates her rank in both the dunya as well as the akhira and unlocks for her previously locked doors, allowing her to magnificently polish her character and eeman. None can imagine the tremendous mercy of our Creator!

When a Sister first adheres properly to the hijab, she begins to notice that it strengthens her personal relationship with The One who made her. It helps her attain the priceless gift of contentment inside, and it helps her refrain from sin because she has a reminder directly on her very own body that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala watches over her every second of every minute of everyday. And truthfully, hijab does far more. One good deed leads to many more good deeds.

The same also goes for bad deeds. If a Muslimah intentionally refuses to wear hijab, she sets up her dominos crookedly, cutting her design short from flourishing. Although she may think otherwise, in reality, she prevents herself from thriving as the best slave she can be—a Mu’minah.

Not only does she receive the sin of being uncovered, but whether she is aware of it or not, she opens up numerous doors to other various evils because she causes herself to become more vulnerable to shaytaan’s endless tricks. For instance, she is more prone to commit haraam publicly because her hijab, which would make her think twice before doing any wrong openly, is not on her body to remind her. And, unfortunately, the evil does not end there. Remaining unveiled breeds far more harm.

On the whole, the message here to my beloved Sisters in Islam, is this:

Do not deplete the nourishment of your beautiful souls by stopping yourself from tasting the indescribable sweetness of surrendering completely to the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. If you know with full certainty that all of His commands are solely for your good, then why permit shaytaan as well as your nafs to get in the way of submitting?  Indeed, shaytaan will attempt zealously to hinder you from observing hijab and performing other noble deeds, but unlike the orders of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, each and every one of his poisonous whisperings are strategically planned for your downfall.

Remember that.

Align all of your dominos properly by making the right decisions with pure sincerity so that success calls your name in the end. As you do this, keep in mind that when your last domino falls, it does not merely land into thin, dry air to be forgotten as it does in the dunya. You are raised again to continue your journey to Jannah, insha’Allah, but only if you set up the pieces of your dominos in the dunya with this ultimate goal in mind.