Don’t Tell Me



Sometimes, a good rant is just needed.

I dislike double-standards, stereo-types, and labelling. Funny thing is, I live in a world filled with them. So, dear world, listen to me for a minute:

When you treat one woman one way, and another differently, solely based on their looks, don’t act surprised when confronted about it. When you see a woman wearing hijab as a customer in your store, don’t glaze over her and move on to the next person. When you ask a niqaabi, a woman covering her face, if she can speak English, don’t look so surprised when she tells you she was born and raised here. When you assume all Muslim women are oppressed, don’t be shocked to find many who have graduate degrees and prestigious jobs. When a woman says she wore hijab of her own free will, because she researched it and decided it was the right thing to do, don’t try to put words in her mouth by accusing her of giving in to some male family member.

World, take a second and step back. Talk. Listen. Reflect. These women have minds, opinions, personalities, and brains. Get to know these women. Open your eyes and your mind.

Just don’t tell me how I should live. Try to understand how I live. It’s not asking much – I don’t want you to agree. I just want you to respect.