On the Road

Image credit: Claudio.Ar

Today I got onto a Greyhound bus to take a four hour trip to Toronto.  It was time for Asr and I had no option other than to pray at the back of the bus. I had no idea what to do and seeing as there was barely any room on the bus, I started my struggle with the Shaytan. Excuses and reasons for my not being able to pray just kept coming to mind.

Mainly, I wondered what everyone would think as a stranger stood up on a moving bus to finish her prayer. It was finally a single thought, or object that helped me stand up and perform my prayer: my hijab.

I realized that I was brave enough to wear my hijab every day and so, could be brave enough to stand up and pray on that bus. In a loud enough voice so that those around could hear, I turned to the girl sitting next to me and let her know I was going to complete my prayer.

I hope this story will help you find your strength as my hijab helped me find mine.