Hijabi Clothes (or the Lack Thereof)

closetImage credit: Samuraijohnny

When a sister says ‘I want to wear hijab,’ she may have the inner reasons down (for the sake of Allah alone, etc.) but what about the physical aspect?

We sisters care about our wardrobes and appearances so even though we wear hijab, we want to look decent, within the boundaries of Islam. I wanted to make up a list of certain pieces which could work for new hijabis and help them to not delay their hijab. (Remember excuses? One of the reasons for not wearing hijab is the infamous ‘I need to go shopping because I don’t have hijabi friendly clothes.’)

To begin, we know in style are those kurtas or Desi-style shirts. They’re usually longer than average shirts and flowing (don’t buy extra small now!) and even if the neck may be huge, a shirt can be worn under because it is usually a thin material, and still be comfortable. Other shirts may just come from keeping your eye open: fashion trends change, and sometimes long and loose is the new cool. That’s a hijabi dream come true!

Sweaters, trench coats, and sweatshirts are also great for wearing over your clothes. These usually can be found in longer styles. Also, even though they may be tight when you button/zip them up, wearing them open keeps them loose and covering. This is especially true for trench coats – they’re made to show the shape of a woman! It all comes down to wearing it the right way. Sweaters come in all different styles and are just plain comfy. Sweatshirts are the easy, everyday wear. Sweaters and sweatshirts are also things you may have had from before – this works if you don’t have covering shirts right now. Wear them over your clothes to make them more covering. Don’t let the excuse of ‘I need to go shopping in a month’ get in the way of your hijab!

Pants may be a dilemma. Seems skinny is the new cool right now and that’s not exactly hijabi friendly for public places. If you have old pants which are looser styles, pull them out and wear them. It’s okay – it’s a temporary thing. Besides, they may just come back into style again. Also, keep your eyes open for dress-pant style clothes – loose, straight legs. Almost all the other styles are tight in the thighs or just tight throughout.

Skirts and maxi dresses have been the cool thing lately. Wearing a sweater over the maxi dress creates an abaya-like look, and skirts can be paired with kurtas for a cute style. If you know where to find these or if you had these from before, use them to your hijabi advantage!

Abayas and jilbabs may be the next step. I’m sure we all know of many stores within our towns to buy them. If not, ask the local sisters in the masajid where they get theirs from or if they have a favourite store. There are many great stores online as well – the only problem may be size. If you’re worried about looking different – don’t be. The new styles are beautiful – dress-like and covering, with funky designs on them. Wearing them with sweatshirts or sweaters and coats make them very pretty outfits. You’ll soon see your other friends asking about them!

This is all just advice – going through your closet and looking at what you have (because a lot of what you have can still be worn as a hijabi!) is the first step. Insha’Allah ‘clothes’ or the ‘lack thereof’ will not be an excuse for many of our future hijabi sisters!

To our veteran hijabis, what wardrobe advice do you have for our new hijabis? Anything to add to these tips or disagreement? Do share insha’Allah!