You’ve Got Mail: In the Month of the Qur’an



Original image courtesy of ThaRainbowRaider is away .

Looking through my old mail the other day, I found an unread letter someone had sent me months before. I felt like it was the first time I was seeing the letter.

Now what could be so interesting about this piece of mail that I just had to share it? What does a long-forgotten about letter have to do with Muslim sisters who don the hijab, other than the fact that they receive mail too? Read on, dear Sherlock.

The message went like this:

“When you receive a letter, you are fascinated by it – who could have sent it? What could he or she have wanted? Why is this coming to me? And so you quickly tear it open.

When you find out who it is from, especially if you know the sender, whether it be a son, a best friend, or someone else close to you, your excitement increases.

And the more you love the sender, the more the letter increases in its value. You treasure the letter and continue to read it over and over again, especially on glum days when you are feeling down and are in need of some motivation.

So here comes the question.

What if the sender is Allah ‘azza wa jal?”

In today’s life we are constantly bombarded with messages from all around us, whether it be through the newspapers and magazines that arrive on our porches every week to the many billboards we see on our way to work or school, to the silent yet visible messages apparent in society on people’s faces or through their actions. And that’s minus the numerous phone calls and text messages.

Morning to night: Read this. Watch that. Look here.

Buy. Eat. Dress. Do. Don’t. – When will the madness stop?

Behind every message is a purpose, and while some messages are meant to lure in customers, others are meant to tell you something, whether it’s – “You need a new set of boots. Your brand-new leather ones won’t do as leather was so last month” – or to tell you something informative such as, “We’re having a blow-out sale and you have to be there or you’ll miss out big time…”

Okay so it seems that a lot of messages are out there for the green stuff.

So what separates between the message Allah has sent to each and every one of us, from the messages we receive from others? Who are the authors behind the life manuals we follow every day of our lives?

To answer these questions we must ask ourselves one more question, to which we all deserve to know the responses our own hearts conceal.

Which message do we cherish more?

Is it that of Allah, the One who created us and provided us with families, homes, nourishment, and education, along with all the rest of what we own? Or is it that of colourful magazines telling us to buy such-and-such type of clothing and eat such-and-such type of foods to look like such-and-such person? Is it that of Allah, based on morality, justice, and equality? Or is it of that which is based on eyes ready to judge and mouths ready to slander with gossip?

Only you know the answer.

Just remember, while most messages become useless and die out, there is one message that will never fade or grow out of fashion – the Qur’an.