Shopping for Jannah



I was never really a big shopper, but it was something I did from time to time. Before my abaya days, I had to go to the mall at least once every two or three months. Clothes wear out, you need new styles, and there was always this sense that I just “had to” buy something new. After I began wearing abayas, I thought my shopping would go down. According to my mom, it hasn’t changed.

Why, you may ask? Because I discovered the abaya market. It’s a hijabi dream come true. I never knew there were so many different styles, colours, designs, sizes, fabrics… should I go on? There’s an abaya for every occasion. And, the best part is, you can have style with hayaa’ – they’re loose, covering, and subtly designed so as not to attract attention.

I went shopping again the other day for abayas and just wanted every single one. I mean, when can a girl have too many, right?

No. I realized I was saved from the fitnah of regular-clothes-shopping but thrown into the fitnah of abaya-shopping. In the end, the fitnah of shopping is all the same. Did I really need every single style? No. I had to remind myself (after my mom mentioned it a few times), I’d be questioned about what I have on the Day of Judgment. I had to ask myself whether I really needed all those clothes, and whether buying it would be a wise purchase or a waste. In no way am I saying shopping is forbidden (because it’s not!) but sometimes we have the tendency to go overboard while shopping. And I figured I have enough things to be questioned about on the Day of Judegement.

Especially after reading the following hadith, the fitnah of shopping is finally loosening its hold on me.

Umm Salama, the wife of the Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wasallam said: One night the Prophet woke up and said, “None has the right to be worshipped but Allah! How many tribulations have come down tonight, and how many treasures have been disclosed! Who will go and wake up the dwellers of these apartments (i.e. his wives) for prayer. How many well dressed souls in this world will be naked on the Day of Resurrection!” [Bukhari]

We need to focus more on beautifying our insides through extra worship and good deeds (especially this upcoming Ramadan!) than always having a new outfit. We can make do with an old outfit, but it will be much harder to make do with a few less good deeds on the Day when each of us will need it most.

So shop my dear sisters – there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember, there’s more to you than what’s on the outside. And, insha’Allah in Jannah, there will be more clothes than you can imagine. It’ll be every girl’s dream come true.