Rainbows Do Appear


Even when difficulties pile up and hardest of times set in, there are always inspiring, beautiful things to be seen; even when the grayest clouds fill the sky, rainbows do appear. The following post by sister Nouhad M. is like a rainbow in the sky.

rainbow1Image courtesy of danellesheree

In light of all the negative media attention surrounding the hijab recently, I wanted to write about a wonderful experience I was so fortunate to encounter. It was an encounter involving a “non-Muslim hijabi” and me:

During MSA week at my University, I was approached by the Ameer of the MSA and a girl whom I didn’t know. I quickly recognized her as one of the student government candidates, as I’d seen her picture all around campus weeks before.

The brother asked if I could teach her how to wear hijab. I moved to a corner with the girl, and she handed me a scarf and a pin. She was very outgoing and without my asking, explained the reason she needed to wear the hijab.

One of her classes required her to take on some sort of “different-assignment” for one week and report about the experience in an essay. Her selection had been to wear the hijab for one full week and recount her experiences. I was amazed at her courage and enthusiasm.

After that first day I had helped her first put on a scarf, I would see her from time to time around campus and couldn’t hold back my smiles; I would mistake her for a Muslimah so many times!

Her respect for the hijab was amazing. She was part of the student government and they had meetings in the university’s bar. She kindly asked the head of the meetings if they could have them elsewhere so as not to disrespect the hijab. She also would not shake hands with men, and even tried her best to always have her hijab wrapped around tightly so none of her hair was showing.

She told me she noticed people giving her ‘bad looks’ and not treating her properly. Some of her friends even avoided her and she explained to me that by simply covering her hair, some of them looked down upon her and made rude remarks; she said she’d realized who her true friends were.

At the end of the week, she came up to me and a few other sisters. She explained to us her experiences and said they were nothing less than interesting. She was very enthusiastic about starting her paper, but had one last question to ask us. “I’ve noticed that whenever I walk past another girl who is wearing the hijab, they not only smile but also mutter something to me. What exactly is that?” We explained that as muslimahs, whenever we see another hijabi, we greet her with, “assalamu alaikum,” “peace be upon to you.” She was amazed at the sisterhood and thanked us for our help.

Meeting this individual made me realize there are people out there who respect and value the hijab. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala increase them in number!