I Lost My Sister


You know, I lost my sister a couple weeks ago. I never met her. I never knew her. But I lost her. Her name was Marwa Sherbini.

Funny thing is, we never spoke. I didn’t know she existed until the incident. But she was my sister. My sister in Islam. As she was yours.

Thoughts went flying through my head as I read article after article about her passing. It was 18 stabs? In a courtroom? Where was security? She was pregnant? In front of her 3-year old son? Her husband was shot trying to save her? And where was the media? Does she not matter? Ya Rabb have mercy on us…


She stood up for what she believed it: Her deen. Obeying her Lord.  And may Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala reward her for that.

Which got me thinking. How many of my sisters are out there who have stood up for what they believe? And are silenced? No one mentions them. I never learn of them. I never hear of them. Perhaps I never will.

This incident with Marwa Sherbini made me angry, but also remorseful. I realized maybe it’s Allah’s way of opening our eyes, subhanahu wa ta’ala. He may want us to look at ourselves. What have we done? What are we doing? What have we prepared?

And maybe it was an eye opener for me and you to think of all the women out there, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity, who are murdered, abused, and tortured. They’re my sisters. My fellow human beings. I have never heard of them. I have never met them. Probably I never will.

And maybe it was also a means of reminding me of all my brothers and sisters, regardless of gender, age, and status, who are oppressed and never heard from. Children starving. Fathers murdered. Mothers raped. They’re all my fellow human beings. What have I done for them?

Maybe again, it’s a sign for me to work. To prepare. To realize my time could end any second. To stand up for my brothers and sisters, whoever they may be. To truly practice what I believe in. To show my belief through my actions. To be a true slave of my Lord.

Maybe then, I’ll get to meet my sister, Marwa, and the rest. Maybe then, we’ll meet, insha’Allah, in the gardens of Paradise. Just maybe.