My Companion



Image credit: vandan desai


I am blessed to have this companion with me as I go through the journey called life.

He is always with me with every step I take. I do not know anyone like him: patient, enduring, and willing to face every hardship I encounter along with me.

He helped me get through high school strong and proud. He was there for me when I took that big step and moved to another city for my studies. But most importantly, he is always there to warn me before I make any mistakes. He reminds me that I am a Muslim and that I am the face of Islam.

How can I hurt him and demean him by committing any act that would degrade me in the eyes of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala? I love him with all my heart and I am glad that I found him at such an early age in my life. You may know him and have a friend just like him.

He is the Hijab.

My Hijab is a protection for me from committing any haram (sinful actions). Why? Because he is my constant reminder that all my actions will reflect on whom a Muslim is.