The Life of A Hijabi


Alhamdulillah, I have to say, the life of a hijabi can be pretty amusing at times.


One day, as I was sitting in bio class, the guy at the desk next to mine turns to me. “Hey, Sarah, can I ask you a question?”

I’ve been going to school with this guy for about four years and would try to avoid him as much as I can, but I decided to be nice that day. So, I turned and said, “Sure, go ahead.”

He paused for a second. “… Are you Muslim?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, be sarcastic, ignore, or about a million other choices. My wonderful friends started snickering in the back at the question. I heard a mutter of “Are you serious?” come from a non-Muslim. I turned back to this guy.

“No, —, I’m not. I just wear this for fun.”

My friends were just gone, laughing, and this guy was so lost. So, I just sighed and decided maybe biology would give me some solace.

Another story, a few months later, also came from my bio class.

My lab group was looking for me and as I came down the hall, I saw them dying of laughter. After they finally recovered, they told me the story.

As they were looking for me, one of the members of my group saw a girl all the way down the hall and said, “Hey, I think that’s Sarah!” Another member turned to her, after looking at the girl, and said, “No, she has hair!”

This story made me laugh. I held it against them for a while. Of course, I know they meant her hair was showing… but hey, I decided to have some fun.

Who said the life of a hijab wasn’t amusing, at the very least? Alhamdulillah!