Ya Ummi: In Need of Du’aa


A request for du’aa.

None of us know if we’ll be upon guidance or misguidance during the next day or in the next moment. We ask Allah to protect us all, and to keep us firm upon the path. We received the following request about one of our sisters — please make du’aa for her:

Before university, Hiba was a sweet and innocent girl who was religious but also very sociable. It wasn’t her nature to go out. At university, she made the wrong friends and was surrounded with the western culture of clubbing. Her attitude and personality changed to match her friends. Her softness is missing and she started getting involved in the wrong activities.

Please make du’aa that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala guides her back onto the right path and that she goes back to being the person she once was. Her family and friends are very worried and have been hurt a lot by this change in her because she was not like this before. Please pass this onto as many people as you can, in sha’ Allah our prayers will be heard. Ameen.

I understand that this may not be the best way to ask for du’aa, but we are trying to get as many people to make du’aa for this poor girl, it is very important to us and just taking a few minutes out to help us and this girl will be very beneficial in sha’ Allah.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran,
A Brother Who Cares


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